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Forum Suggestion | Auto-lock

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by LegalSense, Apr 17, 2014.


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  1. LegalSense

    LegalSense Void Walker

    I've made this suggestion so it may be used in the future. I'm pretty sure it won't be used now, and there may be a lot of cons for it, but it might work out in the future. Not suggesting for it to be implemented immediately (Your choice) but I believe this suggestion may help the forums from unnecessary spam/bumping/necropost etc.

    Auto-Lock Forum Suggestion:

    Hello fellow players of snapcraft, Trials here. Today, I have a little forum suggestion that I hope will be implemented in the near future if it works out. I hope those of you reading the thread have read the 'notice' first. Ok, so let's begin.

    Today, I am suggestin an auto-lock. There have been times where there have been thread that have been necroposted/bumped/spammed on the forums which really isn't necessary. It might also bring unneccesary alerts to a use that aren't needed. Which is why I am suggesting an Auto-lock.
    Basically, after a long period of time, if a thread is left and has not been commented on after a long period of time, the thread will automatically lock it's self for it may have no use or purpose. But, I have also came up with another way. When a thread is created, there would be an option called 'Auto-Lock.' Basically, it allows the user to set a specific date for the thread to be automatically locked. The date may not exceed past 1 month, so that it doesn't stay open for a long time. The owner of the thread may change it as many times as they want, but once the thread has been automatically locked, they no longer have the ability to unlock it. Unless they ask a staff member to unlock it back.. This would help with unnecessary spam/necropost/bumps that would occur in the forums. It would be a great tool to use in the near future so it wouldn't really 'bug' people.
    Well there are some cons, but they aren't that bad of cons. One con would be that the thread that hasn't been commented on, may have a purpose, but is locked. In that case, you can just contact a staff member to unlock it. I don't really have many cons, but feel free to comment on some cons down below.
    This is just a suggestion for the near future, if it could happen, but I'm hoping it may be taken into consideration. I'm not sure how this could be done, but this is a good way to avoid unnecessary spam/bumps/necroposts from old threads that no longer have a purpose. As I stated in my notice, I'm not asking for it to be implemented, but i hope you take it into consideration or think of a similar way or a way to stop unnecessary spam/bumps/necroposts that occur in the forums. I'd also like to add that this should be added in every section of the forums with the exception of:

    1) The Report Section
    2) Helper Application section
    3) Ban/Mute appeal section
    and some other sections staff choose to implement this on. (If it is considered)
    The reason why I choose these not to be locked is because, in report section, when a thread is locked, it would usually mean it has been handled. Though it's not always the case, and the report may be mistaken that it has been 'handled. I choose that it shouldn't be in the Helper Application section because many would believe that staff has met a decision on the application and chose to deny it or some other reason. It could be mistaken and the thread that should still be open, is closed and handled. And you know the rest for ban/mute appeal section.
    In Conclusion:
    I'd love the snapcraft community to have a peaceful, free spam/bump/necropost forums. I thank you all reading this for taking your time to read this thread. I would also love it if the snapcraft community would give their opinions on this. Thanks in advance,

  2. Idontrox

    Idontrox Emerald Miner

    Great suggestion
  3. LegalSense

    LegalSense Void Walker

    Thanks. Though for some reason, it won't let me edit something. And good luck to you in the future my friend.
  4. iFlezz Gaming

    iFlezz Gaming Diamond Miner

    It is a good suggestion but I wish the options can be configured for your thread like You can lock threads made by yourself or You can Set time to auto lock the thread.
  5. LegalSense

    LegalSense Void Walker

    Yeah, I always thought about the owner having the power to lock their own threads. But, one person complained to me (On another forums) that the thread may be a 'good/helpful/important' thread and the owner may lock it to be a 'troll'. But I agree with you.
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  6. Kath

    Kath Creeper Hugger

    Creative Legend
    :-PIt would be fantastic if this suggestion will be used in the future
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  7. LegalSense

    LegalSense Void Walker

    Thanks! I hope so too :-P.