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Kitpvp Suggestion

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Garf, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. Garf

    Garf Void Walker

    Shorter cooldown for kits
    As some of you might know, kit fight has about a 50 second cooldown. When a player dies quick, they would have to wait for quite a while before getting into some action. If it could be lowered, there would be more people actually pvp-ing rather than just using their fists.
    Ability to buy instant kit fight
    Some non-ranks have the money, but have to wait for the cooldown. The pricing could be about $20-$40 (could be changeable) for the player to purchase a kit fight. Example, a player had gotten into an intense pvp fight, and died. He could purchase the instant kit fight and get a kill, rather than waiting and letting the opponent regenerate health back.
  2. Idontrox

    Idontrox Emerald Miner

    Good suggestion but it will make the economy break people just keep buying then they start begging for money.
  3. Benthecricketer

    Benthecricketer Zombie Killer

    True good idea but yeah, some people then will not be able to purcase the kit. So then less players will play and the server economically will fall.