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Read Before Making Suggestions!

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Aaron, May 3, 2015.

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  1. Aaron

    Aaron Creeper Hugger

    Hello All,

    It's everyone's goal to have a better Snapcraft Experience, and this is the section where you can make many of your suggestions heard, and maybe even implemented. But before you post or we add anything, please keep in mind a couple of things:

    1. Try not to repeat suggestions
    Take a look around the forums and see if what you want has been suggested already. Saves us a lot of time by not having to read through repeats.

    2. Make sure your suggestions are realistic
    This is a tough one. Keep in mind that we don't have piles of developers waiting in line to create a new feature/plugin. "New" things are hard to make, and even if we would love to add it in too, it's not always possible.

    3. Help us out a little!
    If there is something that already exists that you think would be awesome for the server, help us out by putting the link of it inside your suggestion.

    4. Recognize the game's limits
    Yeah, it would be pretty cool if we had a mod that turned Minecraft into League of Legends, but that's not going to happen, and it's probably a breach of a lot of copyrights. MC has it's limits, which restrict a lot of things.

    5. Why said thing would be a good addition.
    When suggesting a perk, rank etc. Make sure to explain what the perk would be and why you think it would benifit the server and the players involved.

    Example on what not to do: "We want a new rank for *gamemode* please.
    Example on what possibly to do: "A perk which allows you to craft a hopper would be nice in this gamemode because..."

    We would love to hear your suggestions. We may not (and probably won't) reply to every single one of them, but rest assured that we've read them all!

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Thread Status:
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