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Royal On Kit Pvp

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by WickedStar, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. KingofBears20

    KingofBears20 Zombie Killer

    although they are good, they are usually teamed with a rank and they help kill another rank to obain that armor. If you go down in kitpvp, it is just like 10 ranks all searching for a nonrank, and when they find one it is a race to see who can steal the kill first.
  2. DonuldTremp

    DonuldTremp Banned

    But it means most :)
  3. OpticUniversse

    OpticUniversse Skeleton Slayer

    Yeah, well imagine being a new player again. Do you think you could take on someone in a /kit paladin with /kit fight easily? They [non-donors] have little protection and swords aren't as good compared to the paladin. Unless you're talking about buffing the paladin kit down along with all the other kits, causing yet more anger, this new rank will only veer players again. And go ahead, say that the "majority" has paladin, but if you get on you'll usually see more defaults, knights, and warriors then paladins online, you must only pay attention to the ranked players if you say the majority has paladin.

    Oh, and if you're going to retaliate with that "some defaults can easily take on paladins" reread what you said: SOME. This means that while some players have a chance, most of the defaults on the server (and some ranks, too) will die to paladins because of the imbalance of gear.
  4. Jennab

    Jennab Gold Miner

    Well he didn't say most, did he?
  5. TheCaptainBurito

    TheCaptainBurito Diamond Miner

    They survive by trucing with all of the donators, i personally gave all of my money to donators for truces (otherwise i'm just going to get killed instantly)
  6. WickedStar

    WickedStar Iron Miner

    Yes I did, by saying the majority which obviously means most.
  7. ~Crafter~

    ~Crafter~ Ghast Hunter

    Prison Boss
    There is no need for a new rank. The ranks are strong enough and the amount of people who complain about the unfairness of the ranks is too high for staff to go about and make an even stronger rank.
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  8. Jennab

    Jennab Gold Miner

    Well you said everyone, which was what I was referring to.
    I'm just stating my opinion, a new rank isn't needed. It's already hard to kill someone in paladin in kit fight, adding a new rank won't help with that.
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