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What is Creative?
Creative is a server that allows you to explore your own creativity, using our plots plugin. Each player currently gets two 75 x 75 block plots. On your plot(s) you can build freely and use both Survival and Creative mode whenever you want. Please keep in mind, that we have rules that apply to all Snapcraft servers, you can find them Here.

If you are at all confused or you don't know how this gamemode works: please read the following, using the dropdowns appropriate to the topic you are looking for.

Plot commands
To first claim a plot, use the command /plot auto or if you've found a space in the plotworld you would like to take, use the command /plot claim.

Claiming commands
/plot claim - Claim a specific plot in the plotworld
/plot auto - Claim an random empty space in the plotworld

Removal commands (This can't be undone)
/plot delete - This will completely unclaim and remove the contents of your plot
/plot clear - This will only remove everything on your plot
/plot confirm - This is used for safety (You cannot remove or clear a plot without using this command)

Chat commands
/plot chat - Toggles plot chat, good for roleplays, private chatting etc
/tc, /local, /pc, /lc

Teleportation commands
/plot sethome - Allows you to set the exact point you'll teleport to using /plot home
/plot home - Teleport to your own plot

Appearance commands
/plot setbiome - This allows you to change your plots biome

Allow your friends to build on your plots
/plot add [Username] - This will only add a player as a "Member" Members can only build and destroy when you're online
/plot trust [Username] - This will allow a player to build and destroy when you are online and make use of WorldEdit on your plot
/plot info - Shows you who's added/denied/trusted this will also list the biome and the ID

Remove players from your plot
/plot remove [Username] - Completely removes a player from your plot if they're a Member or Trusted
/plot kick [Username] - Kick them off of your plot (This will teleport them to spawn)
/plot deny [Username] - Deny a player from being able to enter your plot
/plot info - Shows you who's added/denied/trusted this will also list the biome and the ID

Merging commands (Donator only)
/plot merge [all/north/east/south/west] - Link a plot together
/plot unlink - Unmerges all of the connected plots

This is a donator only perk for Creative if you have the Master or Legend Rank this will allow you to edit an area quickly. You begin with the command "//wand" which will give you a Wooden Axe. WorldEdit allows you to replace or delete thousands of blocks in seconds, helping you to quickly start and finish builds. Click here for a tutorial

//pos1 - Set your first position to where you are standing
//pos2 - Set your second position to where you are standing
//set - Set the entire region to one or more block(s)
//walls - Create a walls around the region
//cut - Removes the region and saves it to your clipboard
//copy - Saves an Item to your clipboard
//paste - Pastes your clipboard
//expand [Number] [Up/down/south/east/south/west/vert] - Expands the region in the direction
//undo - Undo your previous worldedit
//replace [FromID] [ToID] - Replaces a certain block in a region
//rotate [Angle] - Rotates a the selection
//flip [right/left/upsidedown] - Flips the selection
//brush [type] [ID] [1-5] - Paints using your choice of pattern
//sel [type] - Change your tool (This allows you to create Spheres and such)
//stack [amount] - Stacks your selection in the direction you're facing
//wand - Recieve the wand tool
//desel - Unselect your current selection

Donator commands
All perks from these ranks can be purchased from the store Click here

[Master] Prefix
Claim up to 6 plots
/i [Item/ID] (amount) - Spawns in a specific item
/speed [1-10] - Sets walking and fly speed
/firework - Allows you to edit a firework to have different effect
/nickname [Nickname] - Allows you to change your display name in chat
/tp [Username] - Teleport to a player
/dis [Mobname] - Allows you to Disguise as a mob from the allowed list for master
/mc - Spawns in a Magic carpet made of colored glass (Lightblue)
/plot merge [all/north/east/south/west] - Link a plot together
/plot unlink - Unmerges all of the connected plots
/trails - Trails menu
/clearinventory - Clears your inventory
/kit color - Gives you a book with the colorcodes
[Legend] Prefix
Use of Color codes in chat
Color changing name in tab
Every permission from Master
Claim up to 11 plots
/tptoggle - Disable/Enable your tp (This stops people from force tping to you)
/ptime [Time] - Change your time to night/day or use time like 20:00 etc
/mc tools - Spawns in a Magic carpet made of colored glass (Orange/Red/Purple)
/mc light - Spawns in a Magic carpet made of colored glass (Lightblue/Red/Lightblue)
/tnt - Spawns ignited tnt in the direction you're looking in
/tpaall - Send a request to everyone on the server to teleport to you
/spawner [Mobname] - Changes the type of the spawner you're facing
/hat - Puts the block/item in your hand on your head
/jump - Jumps you towards the block you're facing
/rainbowarmour armour - Gives you color changing armour

Other commands
These are useful commands that you may or may not yet know about
Marry commands
/marry sethome - Set a home using the marriage plugin
/marry home - Teleport to your home
/marry [Username] - Sends a request to that user
/marry kiss - Kiss your partner (Shift-Rightclicking also works)
/marry list [Page] - List all married players
/mtp - Teleport to your partner
/gift - Send an item to your partner
/divorce - Divorces' your current partner
/plot chat - Toggles plot chat
/top - Teleports you onto of the roof of a building etc
/tpa [Username] - Sends a Teleport request
/tpaccept - Accepts the Teleport request
/bm - Banner manager // allows you to make your own banners
/spawn - Teleport yourself to spawn
/pw - List all playerwarps
/pw set - set a warp at your plot
/pw name [warpID] [Name] - Set the name of your warp
/pw item [warpID] [itemID] - Set the item of your warp
/heads - Opens a GUI which allows you to choose from listed categories
/heads get [Username] - Gives you the head of the name you entered
/hug [Username] - Displays a message globally (Name has hugged [Username])
/slap [Username] - Displays a message globally (Name has slapped [Username])
/comp - Show's you the theme of the month for the building competitions
/competition submit - Submit your plot for the Building competition
/competition leave - Leave the Building competition (No going back)
/hat - Hold a block or item(some may not work) and It should appear on your head

&0 - Black
&1 - Dark blue
&2 - Dark green
&3 - Cyan
&4 - Dark red
&5 - Purple
&6 - Gold
&7 - Light grey
&8 - Dark grey
&9 - Bright navy blue
&b - Bright blue
&d - Pink
&e - Yellow
&k - Magic
&l - Bold
&m - Strike
&n - Underline
&o - Italic
&r - Reset

Voting perks
Voting will allow you to place and use Redstone for 1 Hour

Having Issues with bugs or players?

Please submit a support ticket and our friendly staff team will be able to resolve your problem Click here!

Kind Regards,
The Snapcraft Team