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I have noticed that the forums' theme in general, and certain threads' colors are very hard to read. Beginning with the help panel which includes the following threads:

I believe this panel should be revamped, and instead have a separate post in a section in the forums marked in red to identify its importance. The threads (which I referenced above) that it contains are very hard to read. There's not much coloring to it and everything looks like it was placed on top of each other. This could be very hard to access or search through for someone new, like me. This is an important aspect that when visiting the website, should be probably the easiest thing.

The second change that I believe would be very nice. Obviously, the logo of Snapcraft is a bit bright, but getting new colours for the forums that could match it, as well as being very modern looking would be better. I believe the forums currently look "pale", and other than the icons of the forums list, everything looks the same. You can't tell apart the important from the off-topic for instance.

As of this message, I have mainly covered the main aspects which I find quite annoying, but if you're interested in discussing this further, feel free to share your opinions.​

How could this idea help improve Snapcraft?
It would be a lot better, easier, and more user-friendly for the usage of the forums. As it is a very important part of the network itself.​