Kitpvp Staff App (NetworkDad)

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First Step
Discord tag : NetworkDad#7177

How long have you been playing on
I Used to play a while back, but recently started back playing 3 weeks now (have a high playtime) there was a bug when i joined skyblock for the first time it reset, alongside my lvl going back to 60.

Describe your in-game, forum, and discord activity. Please include your time zone.
My Ingame time is very active, forums I just made an account, and discord always has on.

Why do you want to become a staff member?
To keep the cheaters out of the community and make sure everyone isn't breaking any rules.

Why are you right for the job of helper?
I think I am right for the job because I have been very active. And I will make sure at most times there won't be any cheaters online (this includes chat spam etc). Also, be friendly with the Snapcraft Community.

How can you contribute to the staff team?

I have strong teamwork skills, having worked with several teams throughout my career. I'm patient, empathetic, determined and willing to learn new skills. I strive to take the initiative and solve problems quickly while providing genuine support for my team members.

Have you ever been banned/muted? If applicable, please include any links to appeals.
Not that i know of.

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Sanjay, I am 23 years old from Trinidad and Tobago. My timezone is

Atlantic Standard Time, however, I'm always on at am times as well.


Not open for further replies.