Lucky Mining Enchant

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First Step
For those who have played prison for a while know the lucky mining enchant. Once you get higher in the ranks the enchant starts to get fairly annoying such as while gpicking in the prestige mines, there tends to be wasted space in you inventory due to 1 piece of lapis, or redstone that spawns from the lucky mining. While in lower mines this is a cool feature, the higher mines it becomes more of an annoyance. I have a suggestion for a workaround for this situation. On the kitpvp sub server, there is a /filter toggle command that allows the user to choose what they want in their inventory. I believe this could be very useful for those in higher ranked mines and those in the pvp scene of prison as well. Not only would this mitigate the annoying lucky mining but it could also allow for a smoother pvp experience.


Obsidian Miner
Please use the Suggestions and Feedback area of the forum rather then the specific sub server for suggestions.
You can just copy-paste this thread there
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