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Snapcraft Parkour Guide

What is Parkour?
Parkour is a gamemode which involves walking, running and jumping from block to block in-order to get to a checkpoint, or the end of that level! Your aim is to adventure through the various parkour maps to reach the end! All our maps were made by our amazing build team. Once you complete all the levels, you will get a free tag!

Parkour commands and their meanings:
Parkour has a few commands that are useful for you to know and that will help you through your time on our Parkour server. If you're unsure or not aware of a command, this guide will show them to you and their functionality.

One of the more essential commands to parkour, /warp allows you to travel back to previous levels that you've completed. It also allows you to go back to the beginning of a level you may have gotten stuck on the floor. Each level has it's own /warp command associated with it. To unlock the warp for a specific level, right click on the villager found at the start of each level. To see what warps you have unlocked, simply right click on the nether star in your hot bar, or type in the /warp command.

Usage: /warp (number of level) ex: /warp 1.

This command can be unlocked by voting on one of the five available voting options. The command will be unlocked for 30 minutes following your vote. This command will allow you to create a self made checkpoint for yourself that you may teleport back to at anytime during the 30 minutes. Note: you should never set a home on the edge of a block. This could result in you teleporting back down onto the floor of the parkour level you set your home on. Make sure you're on a solid block, and in the center of it. Also, when your 30 minutes are up, your previous home will be deleted and will not be available if you vote again.

This command goes with the /sethome command. It will be unlocked along with /sethome when you vote on one of the five available voting options. Like /sethome, it'll last for 30 minutes per vote.

VIP and PRO also have a total of 28 playable levels.

If you find yourself stuck on a map and are unable to move, type in commands or your game keeps crashing, submit a support ticket here and we'd love to help you out.

Kind Regards,
The Snapcraft Team.
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