Remove Automatic Welcome Messages


First Step
I know some people like the automatic welcome messages, but they make the servers look like theyre full of bots. Its also just weird.

In addition to that, it can lead to making players unwillingly say stuff that they would never say themselves, including hate speech.

At the very least, this setting should default to off.


Personally don't see an issue with the messages, makes new people feel more welcomed. Just cause 1/100 that joins has a bad name doesn't mean it should be disabled. You can toggle it off yourself in /settings.

If they change it to disabled by default, don't see an issue with that.


First Step
Do people not realize that its fake though? I don't remember the first time I joined, but multiple messages popping up in chat instantly with my name would not be very convincing. And a lot of the time, one of the players will immediately say in chat that they didn't type that message, making it clear to new players that it's automatic.

And situations like the one earlier are very rare, even 1/100 is probably generous, but imagine being a parent and watching your kid playing and then seeing that they typed stuff like that in chat.

Confusing for existing players
Off-putting for new players who realize what it is
Extremely rare, but possible situations like the screenshot I included

Deceiving a portion of players into thinking they're being welcomed


Tree Puncher
+1, as far as I can tell, it's the server forcing people to welcome new players and I do not feel like that should be a thing whatsoever. I can see why it is done, to make people feel welcome but it's literally two faced, it might convince them late on but if that player is going to start to try and talk to the player that has just welcomed them and then get a negative reply, people will be upset. People that welcome other people should be authentic, actually from the player welcoming them, their own consent. If I'm understanding it correctly, you can disable it but they shouldn't be enabled automatically in the first place. Perhaps I can see the reason if it was disabled then people could enable it (when I mean enabled, I mean enabled to allow their own user to welcome players, not the visibility of the message).

You could even remove the setting and then add a reward for people who welcome the user.