Partially Accepted Skyblock Economy?!

Should we try to decrease the drop chance of Legendary Keys?

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First Step
I was wondering how many Skyblock players enjoy or dislike how the economy is at the moment? I mean it was fun at first but i think the Legendary Key farming takes the fun out of grinding. When admin decide to do a hard reset on the server would you guys agree the % chance on Legendary keys get dropped as well? I mean they could do it now but the economy is already jacked up at the moment lol
I have a farm i literally just started and it generates nearly $1mill per hour. Its funny but ultimately less appealing to me. Its made having public mob grinders, profit farms, and having epic custom chest shops set up POINTLESS... or even having a drop party at spawn... its just kinda... hollow. But hey maybe thats just me?! XD Why dont you guys tell me how you feel about it.


Do you have any suggestion on what to add/remove to fix the economy in the endgame? what to spend it on, what changes would you like to see? other than the Leg keys.


Yes, we made the economy a little bit (or alot) too op for this reset. This is mostly to do with the new jobs plugin. Next reset we will look into balancing it much more