Zombie Killer
I was going through my old maps, as I used to make a ton(Mainly command block based games, which I spent hours of my time on). I came across this one, which was a major work in progress that I remember throwing together in 20 minutes. It needs a lot more detail and edits... so by no means is this finished. I think I am going to go back on it and finish it at some point. Just thought I would share it and see what everyone thinks. :)

Oh, and does anyone want to add Skywars? I mean, once this is done it wouldn't be a bad lobby, and I can make some of the playable maps myself... I might even just make a brand new lobby as this one(As said) needs a lot more work and detail that will take a while to add.

Below are links to pictures of the map, these are with no texture packs. It also displays that I made it so you couldn't move up the side of the lobby... not sure why I did this...

Anyways, have a nice day!