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Snapcraft Prison

What is Prison?

Imagine spawning in a Prison and the way to escape is to mine.

In more simple terms, Prison is a gamemode in which players will receive money from mining. You will begin your escape in Mine A and as you earn more money, you can rank up to a higher mine. The higher the mine you go, the more valuable the ores you will receive - meaning more money. You can do this until you reach the final mine and ‘break free’ to the survival world. There are also different ways you can make money to help you in your adventure through the mines.

Basic Commands:

This will teleport you to the spawn area. You will find the PvP Mine, Mine A and much more in spawn.

/kit starter
This is the basic kit when you start the game. It consists of a diamond pickaxe, a full set of iron armour and 32 pork chops. You will be able to use this kit every 100 minutes.

This will show you the amount of money you have.

/pay <player> <amount>
This will give you the ability to pay someone else a certain amount. You have to enter it twice to confirm the payment.

This gives you access to the server shop where you can purchase items that are not available in the prison world.

This is a public auction house that enables you to buy and sell items from other players

This will display the mines you can teleport to and other places around spawn.

This shows you the ranks you can purchase from the webshop.

This allows you to put custom enchants on your weapons, armour and tools.

/rankup (or /ru)
This is how you move onto the next mine. Each time you rank up, it costs more to go to the next level.


Mining in Prison is the main source of income. Mine A contains the basics of Cobblestone, Coal and rarely Iron. As you move through the mines, the chance of finding more valuable ores increases and the value of the ores you find also increases. The mines reset as soon as the ores start to dry out, so there is a constant flow of ores for you to mine.

/warp (A-Z, Prestige 1-3 and Free)
This is how you get to your mine.

/sell (or /sellall)
Use this to sell all the items in your inventory.

Use this to craft any materials like diamond or emerald into blocks, creating more space in your inventory.

Custom Enchants

Custom enchants can make mining a lot quicker and easier. To use custom enchants, use the command /enchant. There are custom enchants for most tools in the game. Custom enchants cost tokens and tokens can be obtained by mining (5 tokens every 250 blocks mined). Here are the most popular enchants for mining.

Unbreaking - This lowers the amount of blocks it takes to break your pickaxe.

Efficiency/Haste - These two combined increase your mine speed. The higher the level, the faster you will be able to mine.

Fortune - This gives out more blocks. The higher the level, the higher chance you have of receiving duplicate blocks.

Ore Seeker/Lucky Mining - Ore Seeker will mine all ores in a certain radius. The radius increases with the level of Ore Seeker. Lucky mining gives out more drops when mining.

Slicing - Slicing gives you the ability to mine a whole layer of a mine in one click. The higher the level, the more layers it mines.


Gangs are a way to bring together your friends and create a community. Whether it be fighting people in PVP together or helping each other rank up, you can create an empire with you community. Gangs are ranked based on money in the gang bank, the number of kills/deaths and the gang level.

/gang help
Gives a list of commands for gangs.

/g info <gang name>
This will give you information about a particular gang including gang balance, their members and the Kill/Death Ratio.

/g list
Shows a list of existing gangs.

/g create <gang name>
This can be used to create a gang.

/g invite <player>
This can be used to invite players to your gang.

/g kick <player>
Use this to remove a player from your gang.

/g promote/demote <player>
This can be used to promote or demote a member of your gang. The higher the rank, the more permissions they will have. For example, inviting players and depositing or withdrawing money from the gangs bank. The ranks are Newbie -> Rookie -> Veteran -> Officer.

/g deposit/withdraw <amount>
Adds and removes money from your gang bank. Use money in the gang bank to level up.

/g levelup
Increases the level of your gang. There are 5 levels and it costs more to level up each time.

This activates the gang chat. This can only be seen by members of the gang.

/g top (Kills, Deaths, KDR, Money, Level)
Gives a list of the top gangs in different areas like money or kills.


Chestshops are a very popular form of money making in the prison world. You can create them at your plot. A non-rank will be able to make up to 25 chestshops and can view how many chestshops you have with /chestshops limits. Purchasing a rank will give you permission to make more. You can give access to buy and sell, at whatever price you choose.

/chestshop create <item amount> <buy price> 0
Use this to create a shop that is buy only. After typing the command right click the chest that you want to use.

/chestshop create <item amount> 0 <sell price>
Use this to create a shop that is sell only. Again, after typing the command, right click the chest you want to use. When selling items, you can shift and right click if you want to sell more than 64.

/chestshop create <item amount> <buy price> <sell price>
Use this to create a shop that you can buy and sell from. And yes, again, right click the chest you want to use.

/chestshop remove
You can use this to remove a chest shop. Right click the chest you want to remove after typing the command

/chestshop info
This gives you information on a chest shop after you right click it. The info will include, the Vendor, the price, whether you can buy/sell and how much is in stock


The plot world allows players to have their own space to have their personal builds, and create chestshops, and place mob spawners. To be able to have a plot, you will have to have ranked up to Mine E.

/plot info
Gives you information about the plot you are standing in like the owner and who is trusted.

/plot auto
This allows you to claim a plot.

/plot claim
This claims the plot you are standing on.

/plot home
This teleports you to your plot.

/plot delete
This deletes your plot.

/plot add <player>
This will give permission for a player to build in your plot whilst you are online.

/plot trust <player>
This will give permission for a player to build in your plot at anytime.

/plot remove <player>
This will remove an added or trusted player from your plot

Mine Bosses

Mine Bosses are mobs that you can defeat to obtain keys. There are five Mine Bosses; Zodor, Odor, Exodus, Sulfuron and Masashi. Each Boss gives you a key if you manage to kill them, which you can use at the crates located at spawn. Zodor is the PvP mine boss, so players can kill each other whilst trying to kill Zodor. Odor is the Mine A Boss, Exodus is the Prestige 1 Boss, Sulforun Prestige 2 and Musashi Prestige 3.

Slot Machines

There are two sets of slot machines located behind the PvP Mine at spawn. There are 3 different types of Slot Machine, each costing a different amount of money. You can use the slot machines to try and get some more money by chance or have a bit of fun. Beware: the slot machines could lose you money!

Good luck Prisoner, and we’ll see you on the other side!

If you have any other questions, glitches, bug or player reports regarding the Prison server, please report them at

Thank you for taking the time to read the Prison guide!
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