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Tell Applicants why they were denied​

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Tell Applicants why they were denied (if they were denied)

Ok so hear me out, you can't really expect members to become staff in this server if the staff won't tell them what they were denied for. Also please note I am not using this suggestion to form a riot against the server in any way but I feel like all members should be told as to why they were denied. Read below to find out how this improves Snapcraft.​

How could this idea help improve Snapcraft?
This would improve Snapcraft because it would help members find out how and where they need to improve and how they can become better for the next time. It is not self explanatory.​

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React to this if you agree with me.​


Tree Puncher
+1, servers need staff members more than players need the rank, they are volunteering their own time to help a server that they like and if it was like a job application, where you actually make money then I can somewhat see the reason however it isn't, it is a position of where the server asks you to help the playerbase, moderate the playerbase and put in tons of hours for almost nothing in return (you may get staff credits but it's not an actual job, not sure if you guys have staff credits!) but you got my point. Help the applicant to help you.


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reasons stated above, it's needed since players would improve in certain requirements that they haven't met