Wafflepaffle introduction


Tree Puncher
My name is Wafflepaffle, Waffle for short. As you can tell from my profile picture in real life I am a certified welder, but that is besides the point I'm a factions player here on this amazing server. I have been playing Minecraft since I was around 12 years old. It has always been enjoyable but it became a whole different game when I discovered servers. The thought of playing with friends and building new friendships through Minecraft never failed to satisfy me. I have always found joy in PvP, and building, so I set off trying to find servers to mix my interests with. It started off with purely PvP servers, from dueling friends to practice and laugh to moving up to higher ranked people, but it never satisfied the building part of me so I moved into Skyblock, with the thought of how I could show off my building skills and my skill for fighting, aftrr doing that for a while I still felt as if something was missing... And that's when I realized I wanted more out of the skills I possess. I looked into and watched videos of the best Minecraft servers and that's when the word "Factions" showed up. I started watching more and more videos of factions gameplay and I fell in love with it. The beginning of my faction years was harder then I had ever expected it to be, and of course at the time I young and naive so that didn't help any. As I progressed learning how to cannon, what sevrers had what plugins and how factions worked as a whole, I realized I love the thought of raiding, base building, McMMO, and custom enchants. After a long break from Minecraft the first thing I wanted to do was get back into factions. So I looked up the best factions servers and I found Snapcraft from the day I joined the faction sever I automatically loved it, I loved how easy it was to grind for EXP and in game currency and all the bosses, to the perks and custom enchants, it's all amazing. The only thing it is missing is the larger community, which leads me into my goal for this server. Ultimately my goal is to try to make the faction side of this server more well known and to gain a larger player base, and I will do all I can to make it happen. Thank you for taking the time to read this long drawn out introduction.

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