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Hey Nic can you unmute me please? You muted me a while back for advertising. I did not know that was against the rules, Sorry for that I wont do it again. I was doing it because I was trying to teach a member of an gang how to get better at PVP so he would not die to the ranks so easy so we would be able to be a stronger gang. The reason for the "advertising" is so we would not be disturbed by other players.
and now imma guess your never gonna respond to this, which is typical for some 30 year old no life who plays Minecraft, haha, adios kids, im done with this mf server. I think imma spread some more good stories about how AMAZING you mods are on the public chat :)
im done with this server, I think everyone is, mods like you do absolutely nothing, don't help the community, don't help the servers all your after is money. all you mods are the same, selfish.
I quit this pathetic server a few months ago because of the problem with prison, I got mf 2 tapped in a full max god set that I bought in store. literally prot7 gone in about 2 seconds