about me

  1. Magussi

    Hi, i am Magussi

    :pumpkin:Hi, I am Magussi. I am a kid that has fun on this server. Idk what to say here. Hmm..... Ohh.. Yes.... Uh, i play Skyblock... Uhmm.... I like Snapcraft and.... Oh Yeah. I am not allowed to get a rank cuz i recently got one on a different server. Also, I am from Norway. I love waffels...
  2. FracturedHell

    [My Introduction]

    Introduction: I'd like to start off this lovely introduction by saying hello to everyone in our community that reads this thread! I am new to snapcraft's webpage but I have been playing on this server for about 1-2 months now and have been satisfied with the games and community as everyone is...
  3. Tessa5240


    Hello, My name is Tessa, obviously. I am currently studying to be a Music Teacher! My favorite color is yellow... ummmmm.... I love RPG's and puzzle games. I think that that's just about it.
  4. Vane

    [About Me]

    Hey, guys, I'm VaneHD/Vane, I'm a really kind person on the Internet, I like cakes, feel free to PM me at any time! I love the forums on the website if you want me and you to get to know each other PM me...if you want more information about me PM me.
  5. MissyParfait

    Hey!! I'm New :')

    My Minecraft user is MissyParfait (as shown in my username). My username and Minecraft name came from what my dad often calls me, Missy Parfait. He also calls me Miffy from an old, children's television show, but not as often :). I like building, designing, and making friends. Some friends tell...
  6. W

    Its Wednesday My Dudes, lel

    Sup guys, they call me Weaponz. I'm a senior in High School looking for a nice place to stay. After leaving my old MC community (Some may know it as Aer, Aerco, KingdomofMagica) due to community turmoil, I know the pain of having to migrate to a new server and also the corrupt autority bias of...
  7. DreadCoreREALTV

    About Me DreadCore

    A lot of people influence me by helping me eat good food and not being sitting at the computer eating junk. My family is not perfect helping me they once and awhile forget i am here at home. They help with all the stress my sister causes with her crazy acts with crying when she has to get off...
  8. masiemouse

    Hi, I'm masiemouse

    Hi everyone!!! I'm masiemouse. I've been on Snapcraft for over a year now but I only just decided to join the wonderful community. On Snapcraft, I mostly play ZombieV, Earth Games and Creative. I love meeting new people on this server and I'm always have fun on it no matter what I'm doing. There...