1. C


    Yea I don’t know how to post a suggestion so here it is here. Make stuff more money like diamond stuff more money like 1 million and for enchantment make it more money to also add a pvp arena non just a pvp mine
  2. Imasupergeek

    Update 3

    Hello all! Today was a interesting one! Me and cooldog8930 made a vault in the nether on his server as a model. We will be building it shortly on Snapcraft. It will be worth a few millions. I will be able to post video or pictures of it soon just not today do to some technical problems...
  3. TheGDLoudmouth

    Survival is getting updated.

    He's gotta do it now. Unless he sung and I missed it, cause in that case I hope someone recorded it for me. EDIT: It's JUST an update. It COULD be the reset, somehow, but it's not definite. I wouldn't get TOO excited, while not giving your hopes up.
  4. S

    Overall Updates for ZombieV

    I have been playing snapcraft (with breaks) for about 4-5 years and have almost solely played on ZombieV. I have been looking to see if there had bee any new update(s) since I last joined, however zombieV seems to curently being neglected as it has been in BETA for about 2 years and no...
  5. B

    Is ZombieV Not being worked on as much as before?

    I have been wondering this because nothing has updated the past week, I'm kind of new, so I have no idea when ZombieV updates. Thanks for answering if you do!
  6. thediaphoenix

    ZombieV update ideas

    This is my favorite game on Snapcraft, but I still think the game needs work. New Maps: With just one map the game can get pretty boring. I'm not a very good builder, so I really don't have any solid ideas, but maybe a fantasy or space theme rather than just the run down city. Pets: Pets are...
  7. KrazyWolf

    Use for leveling system

    Correct me if i am wrong but it seems that the current level system is not used for anything but bragging rights. So maybe there could be a system put in place where once you reach a certain levels you can spend money to get a perm upgrade on some aspect of your gear or items. Example(i really...
  8. KrazyWolf

    Update the Kit PvP Guide

    The Kit PvP guide is kinda outdated and needs to be updated. There is a lot left out in it like what are shiny emeralds and what do they do are they only for selling. Also where the enchanting signs are is not a obvious place to find so i didn't know they where there till i randomly fell in the...
  9. Legitmon

    Staff Photo Op V.8

    Decided to bring back this! For those who forgot or are new to this little competition read the rulebook below. ;) To see the past threads click the links below: V.7 |~| V.6 |~| V.5 |~| V.4 |~| V.3 |~| V.2 |~| V.1 BIG BOOKO' RULES: ● Must be a recent picture If there are past staff...
  10. Legitmon

    Snapcraft Instagram

    Introducing our new Instagram pages! Snapcraft is happy to announce that we have two new Instagram pages. Follow if you want, like photos if you want, etc. Support Page Support Page: This page is for anyone who needs help. You can reply to a photo or dm the account for help. Most questions...
  11. ebola

    Much help, Such needed

    Okay, So I have a much problem. My normal Minecraft Program has decided to not work and gives an error something along the lines of: SSL peer shutdown incorrectly when ever I try to login. I checked online for solutions but noone had the same problem, But if they did all the "responses" were...