1. superman011

    A Snapcraft Prison Video

    hello there. i'm not sure if this may be the right time to post this thread here but i wanted to share a snapcraft video i made a whie ago. The video first recorded a day ago after a live stream that showed what changes have been made to the new prison server. i been able to make the video as...
  2. IChristianPlayzI


    Hey guys! I am creating a youtube channel and I am going to be playing this server as my main server when recording, I will show you guys my youtube some other time, but! if you feed me likes, I may hurry up and give it to you!!!!
  3. EssemCSH

    A tribute to earthgames

  4. iPleq

    Youtube video KitPVP

    I quickly made a montage :). Please give your rating about it. have a nice day :). this was made in 15min BTW ;). Link: Thank you btw :)
  5. MrInfiniteVortex

    Quick Question

    If I were to link my YouTube channel into chat, is that muteable/kickable/bannable? Im going to link mine here tho. ----> <------- Thanks ;-)
  6. Darth_Harry

    Applying For YT Rank(Factions)

    Hello , My YT name is Darth_Harry and i want to apply for YT Rank!! How Many Subscriber or Views do i have to get?
  7. YTGary_TW

    can i get a yt rank?

    this is my Youtube link ====== ====== I have over 500 subs And average 250 views every videos Can I apply for yt rank ?
  8. JustJC

    Snapcraft Prisons! First video on this server

    My first video on snapcraft!
  9. S

    YouTuber role in the server.

    Hello! Something came up where someone told me there was a YouTuber role in the server, so could someone tell me about it? What are the requirements, how do I get it, are there any perks?
  10. Legobender

    I had YouTube

    My channel is legobender yt it's at 50 subs
  11. O

    factions vid (dont hate pls)

    please check out my vid i did on snapcraft factions!
  12. D

    Youtuber Rank Application

    Hello I am a 12 YouTuber who loves Snapcraft. My Minecraft IGN is Nooc34 My Youtube Channel : I am applying for this because I will make regular videos (once a week or more), on various Snapcraft servers and maps. My Total View Count...
  13. Tyman241

    Tyman241 YT rank application

    Hello, my name is Tyler or Tyman241 I have been on Snapcraft for awhile, its where I originally started my YouTube videos back on Hunger Games. I have been off YouTube for about a year and I wanted to get back into it and I thought why not where I first started my videos. I have 4,877...
  14. Lord Of Zach YT

    Lord Of Zach's YT Application

    Hello !! I have been A fan of Snapcraft For a while now, It just so happens that I have a YT channel !! I have 310 Subscribers and was wondering if I could get YT rank on Snapcraft ? My Channel Name is Lord Of Zach. Have a nice Day Lord Of Zach
  15. Psycho_Dog2002


    I do music and a few other things! I know its dumb to put it here but I have nothing else to say. Discord: Twitter:
  16. Zafiro23

    Zafiro23 | Who I am?

    Well... I don't have too much to say... I'm just a Spanish youtuber, with a very small channel, which upload videoreactions, and make minecraft and other games gameplays. If you want to visit my channel, it's name is "Zafiro23" (like my username). I have a chibi skin in Minecraft. I love...
  17. josho_08

    hello... why i'm quitting youtube

    JUST GOT PRANKDDD XDDDDDDD Dunno hi my name in game is josho_08 I play on factions 99% of the time. My fac is BillyEvo we are lit fam 2016. Good Day and hopefully i'll see ya in game
  18. brebrequeeenyt


    Hi Y'all I'm Bre And I Hope To Be A Member Of Staff I Just Wanted To Say Hi. Also I Have A YouTube Channel If You Want To Check it Out!
  19. Crazy_Games_YT

    I am an active YouTuber

    i play snapcraft factions and make youtube videos on it
  20. Tootz_theTurtle


    Hey my turtles! :XD:It's tootz and im on snapcraft now! Go subscribe to me on youtube! Its Tootz_theTurtle Gaming! I'm working on getting a good editor so no uploads yet. Thx!