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5 random facts about you!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic (Other)' started by Jedz, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Backus

    Backus Mod

    1. I've played Snapcraft since 2013
    2. I have younger brothers who refuse to play Minecraft with me
    3. I'm also addicted to League of Legends as mentioned above (@Dudeman470 what region are you in)
    4. I play quite a bit of Grand Theft Auto V
    5. Alice is my favorite helper (at least she thinks so)

    & here's five more for the second mention

    6. I basically live off of Cheez Its and microwavable mac & cheese.
    7. I've got one dog, but want about 800 more. https://imgur.com/a/6I5JN
    8. I'm tall, but I do not play basketball :angry:
    9. I'm total garbage at sports. Actually, any physical activity at all.
    10. My favorite holiday is Halloween.

    @cece_green @PieBandito @HippinSolo @Destanie @Zoa
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  2. Kelcei

    Kelcei Iron Miner

    1. I have two younger sisters and two older brothers
    2. Sleeping is my favourite thing to do
    3. I hate balloons
    4. I broke my nose when I was nine
    5. My favourite colour is purple

    Tagged twice sooo

    6. I've never actually seen Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings
    7. I'm completely addicted to Oreos
    8. I love going out with friends but hate crowded places
    9. I'm Australian
    10. I was supposed to go to Thailand last year but it didn't end up happening

    @Jedz99 @ExtremeArc @TopNinja @Interline @cece_green
  3. Jedz

    Jedz Admin

    Another 5 O:)

    1. My favourite season is Summer
    2. I have 2 older siblings
    3. I'm right handed
    4. I get up really early and go to bed very late.
    5. I love Harry Potter

    I'm tagging: @Spazboy99 @dean142 @Emmmma @GeorgiePieMC @Twiggy
  4. Interline

    Interline Iron Miner

    KitPvP Paladin
    cat god :-O that sounds dirty ;p
  5. SamisJam

    SamisJam First Step

    Factions Immortal
    1. I like cheese
    2. I like bread
    3. I like potatoes
    4. I like apples
    5. I like eggs
  6. Bunny_Rabbits

    Bunny_Rabbits Gold Miner

    Factions Immortal
  7. Zoa

    Zoa Iron Miner

    Factions Hero
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  8. TopNinja

    TopNinja Stone Miner

    Prison Boss
    Well I was tagged 5 times so be ready to hear my life story :-(
    1. I'm Asian
    2. First game i got addicted to was Runescape
    3. I'm 16
    4. Favorite color is red
    5. I'm a east coast pinger
    6. I love rice
    7. I'm a night owl
    8. hamburgers > pizza
    9. I used to take chinese classes
    10. I used to cheat in said chinese classes
    11. I'm a sexy beast (no lie)
    12. I never eat the cream between oreos
    13. I have an older sister
    14. I'm a weeb
    15. my favorite dog is the wiener dog(and no its not a dachshund, its a wiener dog)
    16. my mom is afraid of dogs
    17. I'm deathly afraid of snakes (they're freaks of nature i swear)
    18. I'm an atheist
    19. I love Korean BBQ
    20. I'm Vegan
    21. I lie sometimes for the fun of it
    22. I procrastinate which is why I have to do 25 facts
    23. I hate making lists about myself
    24. Just a random "hi" inserted in here
    25. I can be pretty petty sometimes so I'm tagging everyone who tagged me:
    @~Crafter~ @jasonstover9 @Dudeman470 @Alfa505 @Kelcei

    PS: Zoa you're a great friend and all but you literally posted just as I was about to finish this :/
    sorry not gonna do more <3
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  9. ToKsuicR

    ToKsuicR Creeper Hugger

    @Bunny_Rabbits oh G...

    1) I get nostalgic fast
    2) I'm a vegetarian
    3) I don't like food / eating
    4) I like all animals
    5) I have no life irl, I don't do much
    6) I wish I could play the violin
    7) I like history
    8-) I'm German
    9) There are way too many random facts
    10) I have never broken a bone (only my heart)
    11) I'm bad at making friends
    12) I'm sad right now
    13) Typing these from my phone
    14) I'm a slow typer
    15) I'm very boring
    16) I like answering questions
    17) I don't really trust people anymore
    18-) I'm adopted
    19) This is getting long
    20) I said "aw" irl when I read Bunny's first fact
    21) I like Bunny
    22) Bunny is my friend
    23) I have about 3 hair colours (mostly dye)
    24) I have 3 shades of blue eyes
    25) This is the very 25th fact

    @cece_green @Bunny_Rabbits @Bunny_Rabbits @jasonstover9 @xMegAxCALx
  10. Heli

    Heli Iron Miner

    Prison Brute
    Ok.... 5 facts...

    Ive been playing MC since 2012.
    I like snow.
    I would love to make my own Battle Bot some day.
    Im probably not a human.
  11. cece_green

    cece_green Admin

    Tagged 4 times wtf? Ehmmm
    1. I'm a girl
    2. I listen to all kinds of music 8-|
    3. I play Minecraft
    4. I like Minecraft
    5. I love everyone (equally ofc)
    6. I have blue eyes irl
    7. I have 1 sibling
    8. No pets
    9. I like hugs :>
    10. I live in the US
    11. I take pretty decent pictures (Instagram is cc_green0726)
    12. I like ice-cream
    13. My favorite color is blue
    14. I like to nap
    15. I'm a fast typer
    16. I watch Netflix a lot
    17. I don't drink soda... ever
    18. I've fallen off the top of a mountain twice... in the same week. smh
    19. I'm a mod on Snapcraft
    20. It took me way too long just to think of 20 facts about myself.
    @Maarten @xMegAxCALx @crazygurlisshy @DaPolarBear @Twiggy
  12. Spazboy99

    Spazboy99 Blaze Estinguisher

    Skyblock Angel
    Thanks @Jedz99
    1. I am deaf.
    2. I love to play soccer. #1Soccer
    3. I have died twice when I was a baby.
    4. I am in senior.
    5. I am vice-president on Student Body Government and President on (Jr.NAD) Jr. National Associate for the Deaf. I was also the member of (NHS) National Honor Society.

    I am adding more facts about myself...

    6. I always get injuries almost everyday.. Mostly from sports.
    7. I played soccer, football, basketball, hockey, ski, gymnastics, track and field, softball, and volleyball.
    8. I have three cats!
    9. I love to edit my picture into colorful or black and white. As if you want to see it then check it out on (Instagram dylan_christoffels99) it is private.
    10. I am a Youtuber on Snapcraft. I stopped since but I will be back in few weeks, apologize for that.

    Message me if you want to know more about me then go enter my Snapcraft profile. :)
  13. Maarten

    Maarten Owner

    Thanks @Dutchy
    1. I am 22 years old
    2. I am 100% Dutch
    3. I used to play Tennis
    4. Pizza is life
    5. I am always hungry
    Thanks @cece_green
    6. I love wearing suits
    7. I play a game called RuneScape(Oldschool)
    8. I used to be good at PvP on Minecraft
    9. I have no clue what to write
    10. I already said i have no clue what to write
    @ExtremeArc @Leni @~Crafter~ @Ashie @kamalam
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  14. an3rror

    an3rror Tree Puncher

    Factions Immortal
    1. My name is Kevin
    2. My favorite color is green
    3. I'm American
    4. I love snapchat (add me pls)
    5. Alice is my favorite helper
    6. I'm a senior in High School
    7. I'm not good at thinking of facts about myself
    8. I'm 17
    9. I have a Guinea Pig
    10. I have 1 sibling

    @GaulieeR @Ashie @Destanie @Emmmma @jasonstover9
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  15. ToKsuicR

    ToKsuicR Creeper Hugger

  16. jasonstover9

    jasonstover9 Zombie Killer

    Parkour Pro
    LOL! I got tagged twice more. Oh here goes.
    1. I once won a competitive eating contest. (Pizza)
    2. I went to school for drafting and quit before being certified.
    3. I started playing minecraft because I saw a Mumbo Jumbo video.
    4. I am terrified of bees.
    5. I am obsessed with elytra (to the point of being obnoxious. Ask cc, lol)

    Round 4.
    1. I love playing the game Roller Coaster Tycoon.
    2. I once got really mad and tried to walk into my states governors office to tell him to fix something. I didnt get far.
    3. My normal in game avatar looks like me. Not the lizard I am now or the one where im in a suit and tie. The one with the orange shirt.
    4. At amusement parks im the guy in the group dragging everyone else onto the roller coaster.
    5. I have gone through 3 computer mice in Earth games and kitPVP since becoming a member of snapcraft.

    @Emmmma , @Maarten , @Jedz99 , @crazygurlisshy , @Twiggy
  17. ~Crafter~

    ~Crafter~ Ghast Hunter

    Prison Boss
    15 more facts about me.
    1. My first game was Club Penguin, I'd reck you all on there (Rip Club penguin though ;()
    2. I used to play hockey for my school club as a defender but I've left there now so am playing for a weekend club where I play on the wings (usually left side).
    3. I go skiing once a year for a week.
    4. I've been around a few countries in Europe but never left Europe.
    5. I like sleeping. It's a great way to avoid doing something like getting a job.
    6. I did Maths, Physics and Product Design at A-level.
    7. My favourite anime's are: Attack on Titan, No Game No Life and Akame Ga Kill.
    8. I watch the abridged series' of anime's (best by far is Sword Art Online Abridged by Something Witty Entertainment).
    9. I started minecraft back in version 1.3/1.4 I don't remember.
    10. I've been playing Snapcraft since about 2013 and solely played Earthgames (still one of my favourite gamemode's).
    11. I became a Helper in January 2015, Mod in June 2015 and Admin in October 2015. Meaning it will be my 3rd year as staff on the 7th January.
    12. Prisons is my other favourite gamemode.
    13. Not sure why but I've always been superstitious about the number 13.
    14. My favourite colour is Turquoise.
    15. My favourite food is milk chocolate, my favourite chocolate bars are Crunchie and plain Dairy Milk.

    God this got difficult at the end.
    Tagging Top to annoy him again ;D
    @TopNinja @StarryOmen @Butters @Bas and @TopNinja again :)

    P.S. If you didn't guess by my profile picture my favourite animal is Penguins :3
  18. XDBlaze325

    XDBlaze325 Gold Miner

    Survival Ultra
    1.My name is Jordon but go by Blaze in irl
    2.I have been on sc for almost 4 years and no one knows me
    3.I have dyed my hair every color of the rainbow and more
    4.I like to pvp but im trash at it
    5.i am 17
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  19. valkdebk

    valkdebk Tree Puncher

    1. Im really good at league of legends
    2. I'm in marching band
    3. I've survived multiple hurricanes
    4. I'm lactose intolerant
    5. I dance
    @chrisdundee @iKaotic @iDrops
  20. Jedz

    Jedz Admin

    Thanks Jason, here's 5 more facts:

    1. I play football for club and school and I play defence. (Soccer for you scrubs)

    2. I'm really bad at bowling

    3. I like watching sports on tv and yelling at them like they can actually hear me

    4. When I was 5 my dream was a hairdresser (that was short lived)

    5. I'm super talkative!

    Tagging: @Bas @kamalam @YAMPY @Zoa @flav0urful
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