Horror Map!


Zombie Killer
Me and KiwiPvP recently played a Minecraft Horror map! It was awesome! It said it was 1-player but we both played anyway :-P Here is the link to download: http//www.minecraftmaps.com/horror-maps/mindfear/viewdownload

Notice: Sorry, I think you will have to copy the link and search it. It is called Minefear and we got it on minecraftmaps.com. You should be directed with this link. In the map files, there will be a texture pack. I highly recommend that you download this! Lastly, have fun, and be prepared...


Obsidian Miner
Sometimes I wonder how Minecraft can be "scary". Might try this with a friend though :-P


Stone Miner
I recommend you try this map. It was epic, I did it about 2 days ago :-P coincidence much.