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Skyblock Official Guide:

Hello and welcome to the Official Snapcraft Skyblock Guide. Within this guide you will find everything you could ever want to know about Skyblock. Hopefully this will answer any of your questions. Learn about the variety of awesome features and how to use them to enhance your own gameplay!

What is Skyblock?
Skyblock is a survival based gamemode, in which you are given a small island surrounded by nothing but empty void! The aim of the Gamemode is to become /is top, by creating farms, mining blocks, making money, and grinding mobs. You can expand your island by blocks from a cobblestone generator, or from /shop.

Do not worry if you fall into the void, you will be teleported back to your island home, or /spawn if you’re visiting another player!

Getting Started:
When you first join the server, you will be introduced into the basics of Skyblock by our helpful tutorial! You island will be pre-made, with a cobble generator and a beautiful looking house filled with all the machines and items you need to begin. The tutorial will invite you mine some cobblestone as part of our brand new /quests which is the key to Skyblock success.

You will be greeted by a pleasant fox who will be there to look after you, as long as you look after them! 🦊
The best way to start is to follow the stages of /quests, expanding your knowledge of Skyblock and learning key features about the Snapcraft Skyblock experience.
Once you've grasped the basics, you can move up into bigger and better things!
Watch this video on how to make a simple cobblestone generator! :lavabucket: Simple Cobblestone Generator

Skyblock requires players to enable their texture pack in-order to play. Having issues? Follow this video: Snapcraft: Enabling Resource Pack
Can't see the quest progress on Lunar Client? Follow this video: Snapcraft: Lunar Client Quest Progress

Island Panel and Useful Island Commands:
To view for your re-vamped island panel, do /is. You can find so many new and exciting features here! Click the Spoiler below to view what each of them does!

Teleport to Island:
Teleports back to your island’s home. Do /sethome to change this! You can also do /is go to get back to your island quickly!

Island Upgrades:
We have added some new upgrades to experiment with on /is upgrades. These upgrades can mean the difference between being the top island and one that does not even make the top 10. They are crucial to success, despite perhaps not looking like much on face value. In-order to get the island shards to purchase these upgrades, you need to complete /is missions. The missions are split into two:
Daily missions: Which are updated every 24 hours, and can be completed only once during this time. Hover over the gold horse armour to see what mission needs to be completed.
Levelled missions: These missions will remain the same, but get increasingly harder as you level them up. Once again, hover over the Diamond horse armour to see what mission you need to complete to get the shards to spend on /is upgrades!
HINT: Being able to spawn mobs may make all the difference as the meta is suited to grinding and kill mobs!

Island Level:
Levelling up your island will allow you to stand out from the crowd! You can levelup your island by completing missions in /is missions. You can hover the icon in /is to see: the following information: Your Island Level, XP needed to Levelup and total XP.

Island Settings:
This menu has a lot of customisable options on! You can change what permissions you allow people on your island, and also guests! Be careful that you do not allow visitors or those that you do not trust to have access to vital permissions, like break and place blocks.
Island Bank: Keep your precious money hidden from other players and also your island friends! Or so you do not spend it on /cf! Store money inside the island bank to keep it safe. All transactions made to/from the bank are logged so the leader and admins on the island can view what has been added and taken. This can be accessed also with /island permissions.

Island Warps:
Need some inspiration from other players? Or just nosey? Use this feature to teleport to the island of other players on the server! The player must have set up a visit to their island, so you're welcome to go anywhere! You can see: Owner of Island, the Worth, and Level. Alternatively, you can do /is visit <name> to quickly go to an island. This can be accessed also with /island warps.

Island Top:
More information about this can be found in the section below.

Island Spawners:
Forgot how many spawners you have, or where you placed them? This GUI will tell you all of it! Forgot how many spawners you have, or where you placed them? This GUI will tell you all of it! This can be accessed also with /island spawners.

Island Logs:
Concerned that a trusted member has been doing something they shouldnt? This Island Log tab tells you everything you could ever want to know! If you’re looking for a specific action, click the comparator and sort through which type of log you’re specifically looking for. This can be accessed also with /island logs

Island Vault:
In-order to get access to a vault, you must get the upgrade from /is upgrades called ‘Island Vaults’. You can use this vault to store powerful items in a secure location, where only your island members can access. This can be accessed also with /island vault

Your Island:
This option will allow you easily view who is added onto your island. You can see what role they have, and when they were last online too. By clicking on their head you can easily: kick, promote, or demote the member too.

Island Help:
Looking for a command that you just cannot find anywhere? This will bring up every available /island command we have on the server! They will also be listed in a Spoiler below on this guide so that you can have some explanation on its usage.

Reset Island:
Clicking this option will PERMANENTLY DELETE your island, (after a further warning message). If you choose to do this, we cannot restore your island in anyway, and it will be deleted from our systems. Please exercise caution when using this command and think beforehand.

Commonly Used Commands:
Click the spoiler to view a list of useful commands for the Skyblock Server.

/kit <Name>
Redeem your kit (You can do /kit to see what kits you have available)

Return to the spawn

/tpa <Username>
Request to teleport to a player

Accept a teleport request

Open the in-game shop

/warp pvp
Teleport to the PvP arena

Bring up the GUI for the Quest system.

Check your balance

/msg <Username>
Message an online player

/fmsg <Username>
Message an online friend

Open the friend panel

Activate in-game money and XP Boosters

/pay <Username> <Amount>
Pay a player

Toggle off payments

/sethome <Name>
Set a home

/home <Name>
Teleport to a home

Show all the staff currently online

View the Snapcraft GoldShop

Opens the Auction House

/ah sell <Price>
Sell the item you are holding on the Auction house

Shows all warps on Snapcraft

/ignore <Username>
Block all messages from a player

/xpbottle <Amount>
Withdraw exp into a bottle

Get the free member rank

Island Commands:
Click the spoiler to view a list of useful Island Commands for the Skyblock Server. You can also do /is help in-game to see this.

/is help <page>
View later pages of help

/is go
Teleport to your island

/is invite <Username>
Invite a player to your island

/is accept <Username>
Accept an island invite from a player

/is leave
Leave an island that you are a team member of

/is coop <Username>
Allow someone to build on your island

/is coopaccept <Username>
Accept a coop request from a different player

/is uncoop <Username>
Remove someone’s building permissions

/is expel
Kick a visitor from your island

/is lock
Close your island to visitors

/is open
Open your island to visitors

/is setspawn
Set island spawn

/is sethome <Home>
Set an Island home

/is delhome <Name>
Delete an Island home

/is setname <Name>
Set the name for your island

/is setdesc <Desc>
Set a description for the island

/is show <Username>
Shows information about their island

/is team
List of all the members and their roles on your island

/is disband
Deletes your island

/is settings
Opens the island permissions panel

/is permissions
Opens the island permissions panel

/is hoppers
See how many hoppers are placed on your island

/is spawners
See information about mob spawners on your island

/is heads
Store mob heads

/is promote <Username>
Promote a member of your island

/is demote <Username>
Demote a member of your island

/is kick <Username>
Kick a member off your island

/is setwarp <Name>
Set a warp for your island

/is delwarp <Name>
Delete an island warp

/is chat
Toggle your chat to island members only

/is mute
Mutes a player from island chat

/is warps
Show the list of all island warps

/is warp <Name>
Show the warps of a player’s island

/is bank
Get to the Island bank menu to deposit or withdraw money

/is banklogs
See logs from /is bank

/is bal
Check the balance of your island bank

/is upgrades
Upgrades to improve your island

/is makeleader <Username>
Transfer the ownership of your island

/is ban <Username>
Bans a player from your island

/is unban <Username>
Unbans a player from your island

/is banlist
See who is banned from your island

/is mutelist
See who is muted from your island

/is weather
Change the weather setting at your island

Quests are the fundamental aspect of our Skyblock server. We've created a storyline in the form of quests just for you. These aren’t basic quests they're your roadmap through the all features of our Skyblock server. As you complete these quests, not only will you discover how to make the most out of the game, but you'll also enjoy the challenge it offers. With each quest, expect to unveil new aspects of the game such as special mob drops, new spawners, custom crops, and even whole new worlds.

An important note: these quests will be taking over the player levels we used to have, bringing more depth and purpose to your gameplay.

You can view what quest you are on by looking in our easy to use /quests GUI. Easily see what quest you are on, and what challenges you will need to complete to progress onto the next one. You can view all the quests that you have completed by clicking teh enchanted book inside of the /quests GUI.

Our quest/storyline leads you to unlock various worlds, each unique and new with life. We currently have five custom worlds, each having special zones, and each zone has its own set of mobs. You will not be able to enter these worlds, without first completing the relevant quest. You can see what all the custom worlds are by clicking the spoiler below:

Your first adventure begins here. Explore areas like the Enderman Islands, Silverfish Islands, and the Iron Golem Tower. The special thing? Mobs here have a chance to drop enchanted spawners, like an Enderman potentially dropping an enchanted Enderman spawner, or the silverfish has a chance to drop the silverfish spawner. This is for every mob in every zone.
Plus, they have custom drops unique to Endworld!

Wooded Wild:
Venture into earth-themed zones, from the Panda Forest to the Zombie's Graveyard, the Skeleton's Skull, the Spider's Cave, and the explosive Creeper's Exploding Forest. Here, mobs might give you enchanted spawners too. But that's not all!
They also drop 'magic drops' exclusive to air mobs, which sell for good prices within the shop. They also drop earth crystals; they play a big part in ranking in island top and boosting spawner drop chances in this zone.

Dive deep and meet water-themed mobs. Visit the Dolphin's Sanctuary, and explore the Glow Squid's Light Cave, Squid's Dark Lands, Drowned's Castle, and the Guardian's Temple.
Mobs here don't just offer custom drops; they also give you a chance to collect water crystals.

Feeling hot? It's time for fire-themed zones. Blaze Fortress, Zoglin's Forest, Ghast's Ash Lands, Hoglin's Burned Forest, and the Piglin Brute Temple await your exploration.
Apart from the custom drops, watch out for the fire crystals these mobs might drop.

Soar high in this sky-themed world. Enjoy the Parrot's Jungle, visit the Allay's Temple, and experience the Bee Nectar Clouds, Phantom's Dark Islands, and the Vex Forest.
Of course, mobs here also have their unique drops and a chance to drop and give you air crystals.
Custom Ores:
We've added many new ores for you. Now, we have Silver, Amber, Iridium, Mythril, Amethyst, Jade, Malachite, Lithium, Ruby, and Autorium.
Want these new ores? Upgrade your island's cobblestone generator by doing /is upgrades and you can find them. This will require you to collect the mining crystals, and despot them into your /crystal storage. For some of the more advanced upgrades, you will need to complete specific quests!
Once you get these ores, you can melt them to make ingots. Then, use the ingots to make new blocks. Place these blocks on your island to make it more valuable or sell them in /shop to make lots of money. We have plans to add more uses for these ores in the future!

Mob Drops:
Say goodbye to the boring vanilla mob drops, and say hello to brand new, custom ones! We have completely changed the way in which players need to utilize mobs. There are now two main types of mob drops, and are achieved in slightly different ways. Read on to see how you can acquire the new loot:

Enchanted Mob Drops:
The enchanted mob drops are the items that you acquire whilst inside of your island setting. If you kill a rabbit, you will receive a rabbit tail, or if you kill a creeper, you will receive a creeping vine. Only one type of item is dropped from mobs when killed inside your island, to make storage easier and for less confusion.

To get these drops, you require that specific spawners. For more on how to earn these, read on!

Magic Mob Drops:
The magic mob drops are only accessible when killing mobs whilst inside of the /worlds. These items are dropped when killing the 'magic' mobs. A random of drops will be left behind from the mob, and be dropped onto the floor. Some of them are worth more than others, so grab them all to be safe!
You can sell any of these items at one of the NPCs which are stationed in each of the islands. Do this by placing them all into the GUI, and then pressing the 'esc' key. This will bring up a menu, asking if you want to accept the sell price.

You can sell the magic mobs drops to any NPC, meaning: if you slay an enderman and get their drops, you can take it to the NPC in the underworld and still get the same amount of money!

Enchanted Mob Spawners:
Enchanted mob spawners are the new way to spawn mobs at your island, and make a bit of money on the side whilst completing all the challenging and interesting challenges of /quests.

You can place these anywhere on your island, but are slightly different from a regular mob spawner. So, how are they different?
- You no longer need specific spawning requirements. For instance, cows, pigs and chickens PREVIOUSLY needed to spawn on grass. But this is now not the case, and will spawn in the air, if that is what you want! You do not require the grass anymore.
- You cannot stack enchanted mob spawners. You are no longer able to stack your mob spawners into one stack, and each enchanted spawner will be a separate entity. In-order to upgrade your enchanted mob spawners, you will need to earn a Enchanted Spawner Upgrade which is obtainable currently only through fishing. Simply right click on the desired spawner, and click the green glass panes to upgrade!

Custom Crops:
Unleash your inner farmer, and get growing and breaking our new custom crops! Once you reach quest level 15, you will unlock your first custom crop, this being the tomato! Simply purchase the seed from /shop and place it down like you would with any other crop.

However, you will need to give your prized possession some time to grow and evolve into its full form. Each crop has different growing stages, happening between set time ranges.

Custom Armour Sets/Weapons:
Who doesn't love to look great, and get bonus effects at the same time?!

We have introduced a new currency, being crystals. Overall, there are 7 crystals, and are earned in a different way. Crystals have a few uses, which are vital in building up your island. Firstly, they count towards your /is top progress and worth a lot of value! To deposit them to your island value, you will need to right click them into your Island Beacon. This beacon has a neat little hologram, and is in the same place on all islands!

Secondly, crystals can be used to have a higher chance of magic mobs in /worlds to drop their respective spawner. Along with crystals, there will be a money cost too. The better the mob in terms of item sell price, the more crystals and money it will cost. Similarly, the more you upgrade the chance of a mob dropping a spawner, the more money and crystals it will use.

Please note, your /crystals balance which assists with /is top will be reset bi-weekly (every two weeks) and will need to be started again.

You can store items inside of /crystals storage, which does not get reset though.

Island Top:
Island Top is the main way to climb to the top of the server, and hold the most power! This season, we calculate the top island by how much ‘Worth’ an island has. You gain island worth from placing rare ore blocks, like emerald and diamond on your island. As well as having mob spawners! Finally, by depositing our brand new crystals inside of your island crystal. Each time you place down a spawner you will get a notification in chat about how much worth your island has increased by.

Every so often the /is top leaderboard will update, so keep an eye out on your place! Mine your way to the top by having the most amount of blocks stacked on your island, or the greatest number of mob spawners stacked!

Trading, Selling Items and Methods to Make Money:
Selling and trading is the main way to rise to the top on Skyblock. Trade/sell items, money, XP with other players, or sell your items to the in-game shop for the specified price. Click the spoiler below to view all the ways you can become rich!

We have introduced a new chestshop system on Snapcraft! Simply type [shop] on the top row of a sign to begin! Place this sign on the front of a chest, and then right click the sign open and setup your shop.
Make sure you set the sell and buy price correctly. You can choose the item you want to sell or buy, and how much. The red bar along the top is the perfect indicator to see the amount of stock your shop has!
Type /playershops to see items that players are selling at their own playershops! Choose whatever category you are shopping for! You can then use the advertisement star to get your shop out into the community for others to find!

Auction House:
The Auction House is a place where you can sell individual items rather than selling in bulk as done with a chest shop. To list an item on the Auction House, simply do /ah sell <Amount> whilst holding that item. To view the auction house and the items being sold, you use the command /ah.

The number of items you are allowed to list at one time depends on your rank. To list an item, you use the command /is sell <Price>. You can then choose to either put the item up to sell just for that specified price or to allow bidding. To simply sell, run the command click the diamond. The item in your hand for others to purchase for 24 hours. Alternatively, click the emerald to allow players to bid on your item. The minimum bid will be the <Price>. After that, the sale will expire, and you can retrieve the item by doing /ah expired.

/Shop and Sell Wands:
The in-game shop has received a brand new look this season. The meta has also changed completely, allowing for a new experience on Skyblock. Look through the /shop to see what you can sell, and then work on some farms based around what is a good seller! Right click on the item you wish to sell, and then select the amount. Or click on the enderchest which will sell all of the items in your inventory.
If you have farmable items within a chest, you can use a sellwand to instantly sell the contents at the price of the /shop. Sell wands can be obtained through the crates at spawn, /playerlevel or the /goldshop! There is no way to repair your sell wands, and each will have a different amount of uses, depending on where you acquired it from.

Envoys are chests that spawn into the PvP Arena at /warp pvp which, when clicked grant Epic loot to the recipient! You will get a 30 seconds warning in chat before the event starts. You can get: armour, netherite blocks and mob spawners to boost your island value.
If you warp to the PvP Arena you can see when the next envoy event will take place! Watch your back!

More information on this can be found below!

Voting and Crates
Voting is a great way to earn quick, and most importantly FREE rewards! Type /vote in-game, or visit this page to cast your vote on the server. You will be rewarded with a Vote Key which is virtual. To redeem, simply go to /warp crates, right click the vote crate, and then click the ‘Use Virtual Key’ option in the middle. You can let the epic new animation play to see your reward as it appears! Or see what you missed! You now get Snapcraft Gold for FREE by voting for our server. More information on this change can be found on our Discord under the #Announcements section.

We have re-worked our crates, adding brand new items and removing those that are less favourable for our players. We have: Vote Crate, Island crate, Cosmetic Crate, Equipment Crate, and Sunken Crate.

Specific items within the Vote and Island crate will give better the rewards the higher your quest level is. It pays to grind those quests and increase your level!

Vote Crate:
Vote keys can be obtained through voting, and vote parties. Preview the rewards by left clicking the crate at /warp crates!

Island Crate
Island keys can be obtained through playtimerewards, and /transfer and /goldshop. Preview the rewards by left clicking the crate at /warp crates!

Cosmestic Crate
Rare keys can be obtained through the /goldshop. Preview the rewards by left clicking the crate at /warp crates!

Equipment Crate
Looking to unlock the brand new, custom armour that is on our Skyblock server? Perfect! Purchase some of these keys today from our /goldshop and get the chance to wear them, in all their glory.

Sunken Crate
The brand new crate on Snapcraft! This crate has some fantastic rewards to boost your gameplay experience. Unlock unique armour and tools that cannot be obtained anywhere else! There is also essential items to boost your Skyblock Island! The Sunken Key can only be obtained through /goldshop. Preview all the rewards by left clicking the crate at /warp crates!


This new features are for the grinders of Skyblock, (and those that love being online)! You just need to be online to be eligible for each these rewards!

When you stay online for a certain amount of time, you become eligible to claim Playtime Rewards. Simply use the command ‘/playtimerewards’ to see what rewards are available to you. Rewards may include rare equipment, in-game currency, or custom cosmetic items. You can claim your rewards on a regular basis, such as every hour or every day. You are able to AFK on the server for the time to count towards these challenges, so why not AFK some spawners overnight whilst completing the time required for the next level?!

Online Store/Snapcraft Gold:
Our Online Store still has a variety of ranks, items and perks for our players to choose from. Thank you for all your purchases, we would not be able to have Snapcraft, and continue its development without all of you.

We have also introduced a new currency to Snapcraft, which will be present in all gamemodes upon reset. This is Snapcraft Gold! This unique currency will be available on all servers to make in-game purchases on things such as: tags, crates, McMMO, Enchant Tokens and so much more! You can buy Snapcraft Gold from our Store. This currency is global across the Network, so choose carefully what to spend it on!

Infinite Chest Token, (iChest):
Introducing the newest way to store your items- The iChest! This iChest allows you store an infinite amount of items within! Simply sell the items with the click of your mouse for the /shop price. Purchasing this will give you an iChest Token. You can check if you have a token by typing /ichest.

Once you have a token, get a normal Minecraft Chest, and a sign. Place the sign on the back of the chest and type [ichest] on the top row of the sign. Like this. Once your chest is placed, it will bring collect all of that type of item in 16x255x16 radius from the chest, and also a cool GUI! You can watch this video to see what it looks like, and how easy it is! Simply click the glass panes and select the item you would like to add to the iChest to collect automatically. Click on the item to sell it automatically. There is a 4 hour cooldown before you can sell a different item. You will be able to upgrade this later to reduce the time.

Want to move your iChest? Click into the placed iChest, and then click the Barrier Block at the bottom right corner to safely return the Token to your collection. You can check it was successful by doing /ichest and making sure you have 1 token available. Repeat the process above to place down a new one!

Mob Coins:
We are excited to announce the addition of a new feature to our Minecraft server: mobcoins. From now on, every time you kill a hostile mob, you will earn mobcoins. These virtual coins can be used to purchase a variety of items and rewards at our new transfer shop. Type /transfer to explore the unique rewards that this shop offers. You can get minions, class vouchers, kit vouchers, spawner cases and much more!

The shop will be updated regularly with new items and rewards. You can use the clock at the top of the GUI shop to view when the rewards will be refreshed! So grab your swords and start earning mobcoins!

Mob Heads and Spawner Shop:
Players will have earn mob heads, in-order to purchase the few spawners that we have available in the /shop. The more mob heads you spend, the better the spawner will be granted. These spawners can then be placed onto your island, granting island value. Once these mobs are killed, they will drop their respective 'Enchanted Drop' which can be sold in /shop for some money to spend in a variety of places!

Mob heads can also be traded for mobcoins! 10 mob heads is equal to 1 mobcoin. To make this trade, open up the /heads GUI. You can either: left click to trade, shift left click to sell heads, or click the ‘sell all’ cauldron at the bottom middle of the menu. This will exchange all heads in storage for mobcoins.

Additional Commands/Features:
Here is a list of extra features that deserve to be mentioned but did not quite make it into their own category!



A safe and easy way to send packages to your friends, even when they are offline!
With our Delivery System, you can now surprise your friends with gifts and items, or simply send them a package to help them out in the game. And the best part? You can do it all with ease and safety!
To send a package, simply type "/maildelivery" followed by the player's name, and an inventory will pop up where you can drop your items into. The delivery man will then make sure that all your items are carefully packaged and delivered to your friend in one small package. If you change your mind or want to cancel the delivery, simply click the "Cancel" button.
To pick up your deliveries, type "/deliveries" or visit the Delivery Man at spawn. He will take care of all your incoming packages until you are ready to claim them.

With our new leaderboard system, you'll be able to view your exact position on every leaderboard, whether it's in spawn or the newly introduced leaderboards. This means that you'll be able to see your rank and how far you are from the next level or achievement. Whether it's your Skyblock level, your PvP kills, you'll be able to keep track of your progress in real-time.
You can do /warp leaderboards to view how you shape up against the rest of the server! Keep grinding for #1 on all leaderboards!

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide, we hope it helped! Everytime we add new content this guide will be updated and a #changelog will be made on our Discord.
Still have a question? Feel free to DM a staff member, or open a ticket on our Forums or Discord!

Kind Regards,
The Snapcraft Team
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First Step
Is there only one type of Skyblock? I am used to JartexNetwork and PikaNetwork having 2 types of gamemodes


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Is there only one type of Skyblock? I am used to JartexNetwork and PikaNetwork having 2 types of gamemodes
There is only one skyblock yes