Ultimate Guide for nOOBs(FULL)


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Less talk, more money:

VOTE: every vote you get a vote key. You should sell it at /pw (player warps) for like 20-25 M
You will get even some credits /rewards that u can use on this site fot items and rank

SLICE 3 : slice is an enchant that you can put in your pickaxe. It let u to slice one,two or three (depedens what level of slice u have) layers of a mine. You can buy it, around 80m in /ah (shop) or asking around.
Or if you wont spend game money you have to enchant your pick using 1200 enchant token.
How get this enchant token? Simple: Mine. You will get some mining stone, random, or every 250 blocks.
So ideally the first days you /vote and get like 6 vote keys and sell it, maybe trade it even in other game play mode like /kitpvp or /skyblock and sell your votekeys at /pw player warps (click with LEFT on the chest with pricing for sell your stuff). You /rankup from mine A to mine B etc.
Now is time to get your pickaxe eff 5 and your slice 3. So get MEMBER RANK (just register in the website) or better rank with irl money , do /kit, get your pick with eff 5 and put fortune 3 on it. You can also shop eff5 at /shop but kinda waste of money. For slice 3 buy it or use your enchant tokens, you need 1200 enchants token for slice 1. So for get lots of enchant tokens you should mine A, becouse have lots of stone and drop lots usefull stuff like common etc keys. You will get some tokens every 250 blocks mined or some tokens random mining stone

WAIT: "i have lots of enchant but i want other enchants, i dont like slice"
- You should get slice first! Becouse you slice lots of blocks every 5-7 minutes and let you farm LOTS of enchant tokens FAST and let you enchants whatever you want

Other pickaxe : GOD pickaxe eff 10- eff 50 / boss pickaxe

Checkout this command /ah /shop /rewards /vote /pw /warp
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Nice guide, feels a bit all over the place thox.x
Also slicing cooldown is exactly 7 minutes ;-)


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You get cryptic tokens from blocks you mine manually, slicing shouldn't meet the requirements for it